Big Sale in the Shop

Yep, it’s that time to start thinking of the holidays.

Lot’s of jewelry in the shop is on sale, and new pieces are being added daily.

Go Long

Hello there,

I know it’s not football season, yet.  In fact, I very much know that is March Madness basketball season.  My first clue on that was my husband’s screaming at the computer at 2am.  ANYWAY…

“GO LOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG”.  It’s my favorite football play, and it works well for earrings.  Seems that long is in, here in Italy.  So I’m playing along.

Stop by the shop to see (and buy, if you want) the new “Go long Collection” of earrings.

IMG_0232 IMG_0218IMG_0208IMG_0163

And then, have a nice weekend.